Aircraft L-410 NG


I see an aircraft L-410 UVP is so popular in the games but why L-410 NG is not available in games ??? Any MAX and NEO coming asap but not this small aircrafts.
What saying wikipedia about this aircraft:
L 410 NG (NG stands for New Generation) - is a twin-engine 19-seat aircraft produced by Czech company Aircraft Industries. This aircraft is an upgraded version of the Let L 410 UVP-E20. The first flight took place on 9 July 2015. Serial production of the L 410 NG began in March 2018

Compared to previous models, the L 410 NG has significant changes. New, more powerful engines in the GE H-85 with quieter Avia-725 propellers, new wing design with integrated fuel tank, a more modern cockpit from Garmin, and also a bigger luggage compartment.

Because of those improvements the L 410 NG has doubled the maximum distance it can fly and can take 400 kilograms more than previous model. It will be sold in all variations like its predecessor L-410 UVP-E20.

It is intended for commercial airlines, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and armed forces. In addition to the passenger version, it can also serve as a cargo plane. It can be used especially in island states where there is a problem of refueling in remote islands.


Usually this is because there is not enough exact data (e.g. manuals) available online for certain aircraft. And even then, implementing new aircraft can take quite some time to get the figures right and balanced ingame.


Thanks for the explaination