Aircraft lease bug?

just got an aircraft lease returning to leaser for not paying them… but leasing payment are due next tuesday??? game just start are is possible?

still have 8 planes in lease and need to pay 8 planes in the next week, but system get one of my fleet???

Hi there,

Lease time due dates are individual to every aircraft, and are based on when you acquired the plane (when it was delivered, if new; or when the auction was won). The only unified weekly expense is staff salaries (weekend closing). Everything else is billed per aircraft or per flight.

If you cannot pay for an aircraft’s lease at the time it is due, the plane is revoked immediately. All flights are cancelled, and the subsequent penalties for such are also deducted from your account.

You get 90% of your deposit back in most cases. (100% of the deposit - 10% which is the weekly installment overdue).

There is a high chance you were in the negative balance before, and the money sitting in your account now is the remainder of the deposit.

Regardless, it is most certainly not a bug. :slight_smile:

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