Aircraft Leasing by Pride Aero

Greetings Airline CEOs

Pride Aero has a small portfolio of older aircraft available for lease at good prices. We offer most of our aircraft below market pricing in order to help out other airlines, including startups. We can offer these lease at the rates listed while still making a small profit. Pride Aero is building up as a legitimate leasing alternative. We guarantee that any aircraft that you lease from us, is yours for as long as you need, or want it. If you have any questions regarding our leasing policies, please feel free to contact us here or via IGM.

Fire Sale! Everything must go!

Hahaha no not really, but Pride Aero has decided to offer up a pretty sweet deal!

We have just placed two Fokker F70s on the market at 10% of retail value! This offer is open to anyone, and you can keep them as long as you wish. An especially good deal far a new startup, but could be good for anyone. These deals don’t last long, so hurry on in!