Aircraft Market nonexistent?

I have checked some 30 times now and don’t see a single plane in the aircraft market, despite numerous airlines starting and quitting every day.
Why is this so?

on wich server do you playing?

I’m sure he’s talking about Blériot in this subforum :wink:

It’s normal that the aircraft market sees (almost) no activity for the first few months on a fresh game world that stated without used aircraft.
Even when airlines liquidate, their aircraft will only become available in the market under certain conditions, that that are meant to prevent a flood of aircraft coming into the market, e. g. all aircraft that were delivered under the immediate delivery program will never hit the market when the airline is liquidated.

Thanks a lot for the explanation!
I was just wondering, as NO plane is available, whenever I look - and I do daily twice at least … But I see. Makes sense of course.
All the best