Aircraft Market Shortlist

It should be possible to make a shortlist of the players prefered aircrafts. This way, you could have them all on one single list; or make a shortlist by aircfrat type and price…

You can do such a list by yourself. Just copy the data in an excel sheet and then you have it.

I assume that there is no short list as you will find that there are many preferred planes in players hearts.


Let me put it a different way: I mean in game! And each one can choose their aircrafts

Customized user-interface is - as long as I understand programming work as a project manager - not fast and easy done. As much as I admit that some other options available in the interface would be great, I doubt that the time and ressources to do this are free.

I could imagine having the aircraft types that are already in your fleet to show at the top of the list. This would make it easier to kinda search for more of the same.