Aircraft Performance and Production rate

Hi, first time posting here but I am playing Airlinesim since a good while now.

One thing that always “bothered” me, as an aircraft enthusiast, is the extremly overstated range of many models, which leads to the usage of aircraft on routes that are just not possible. While I understand we can not give airports elevations and climates to introduce hot and high performances, as well as we can not have weather I still think we should change something about the ranges given to aircraft.

While yes in theory the stated ranges do somewhat resemble their real world capacities on paper, in the real world they can not fly as far with as much payload as here. The reason is simple: Aircraft need to carry additional fuel for diversions and there are, in general, weather effects that reduce the range (headwinds, especially in winter).

Therefore I propose to reduce the range of aircraft by 20% to take these effects into account. This would lead to more diverse fleets.

Also another thing I do not really understand is why the E2 (E-jets in general) and the A220 have such a high production rate? Both have a way lower production rate than 737s and A320 in real life, but because of the high production rate they tend to be overly abundant compared to the bigger narrow body aircraft.

I suggest to decrease their production time to 1/48h. While this would push to more A320s and 737s, this would also reduce the clogging of airport with small aircraft and high frequency because there will naturally be more seats on routes due to larger aircraft being preferrable.

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Consequently, the production of superjets need to be reduced to zero then and maybe production of A320 needs to be faster than 737s, 1/12h of CRJ also doesn’t make much sense then and so on …

So this leads to more fleets with more diverse 737s and A320 types and probably less different aircrafts types overall if i understand correctly?

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Initially the airlines that like to grow fast will use 737s and 320s but as these aircraft offer way bigger cabbins, the smaller aircraft will be necessary at one point to connect airport pairs with less demand. This would leave more slots at airports initially and the mega-airports (LHR etc. will have more slots available for longer).

And IMHO the CRJ should be out of production anyway, the line is discontinued.

I don’t think this will work. Airlines that want to grow quickly know they will need certain slots later, and probably use the cheapest aircraft (in terms of acquisition cost, not required flight margin) they can get to fill them and replace them with larger aircraft later if there is sufficient demand.

737-700 (2.33 MA$) (and MAX-7) or 319 (2.45+ MA$) is marginal larger than CS3 (2.30 MA$) and also not that much compared to 295 (2.00 MA$). Thats why they are pretty obsolete in RL. So you will force airlines to aircrafts that have almost no demand in RL because of A220 And E2-Jets. They will surly not wait endless for those “smaller” jets and see there prefered slots go to competition.

The reasons why the performance system is as is, and the production standardized rates, have been discussed AD NAUSEUM in the forums in the past.

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