Aircraft prices

[left]Is it possible to put an aircraft on the market for more than 100% of your purchase price? I own a 77W which without a loan. Now I want to sell it, but I don’t want to risk to sell it for 18 million. I bought it at the introduction of the ne A/C-market. [/left]


putting the aircraft for sale at 100% doesn´t actually mean that you sell it for 100% …

You will sell it, if it is sold, for at least 100% book value plus 5% list price, wich is the first bidding step, that anyone wanting to buy your aircraft has to do.

The book value of an 77W is 201 million, so you will get at least 10.5 million more than you paid for it.

But to answer your question: No.

To ensure you don’t sell it cheap - write players who already use that aircraft a polite ingame message and let them know you will start the auction at a given time. So you make sure the people who might be interested in that plane will look into the market when you offer the plane. Else nobody or just one player notices the auction and you make less money.