Aircraft Transfer bug regarding timeout

So I was used to transfer aircraft in batches, usually batches of 10.

I opened up 10 old aircraft, made ready 10 new aircraft, positioned browser to the right position to just type in the new tail number, do that for all 10, then position mouse to the transfer button, click, then CTRL+PG DOWN to move to another tab, click, another tab, click, then at the end of the 10 aircraft I went back to the first tab, positioned mouse to personal note, then copy, tab, type first letter of fleet to move to, tab, click apply via Enter on the keyboard, then CTRL + PG DOWN, click, paste personal note, tab, type fleet first letter, tab, click enter to apply, repeated like a robot for all 10 aircraft. Transferring 10 aircraft was no big deal and I did the whole process in just a minute or two.

Now the whole ting times out pretty quickly, when I get to the position to click apply it does not apply, sometimes the aircraft are not transferred when clicked on transfer button but new window opens up with the flight plan still on the same aircraft etc.

Martin, would you be please so kind to increase timeout to original values as before the change? Thank you.

As I spent more time on this, I found out the problem is the aircraft flight plan window, it simply times out after some time, and then if you click on something (e.g. assigning to a fleet, etc.) it simply does not do what it’s supposed to do but only refreshes the window.

Absolutely no promises that I can look into that because it sounds like a seriously wild way to use the UI :sweat_smile:

But a video would be helpful either way. Not sure what you mean by timeout…a timeout would mean you get an error page of some sort. Chances are, something just got slower, which could be for a plethora of reasons. Especially given that your airlines operate thousands of aircraft.

I’ll screen record sometimes during this week. I tried different browsers and even incognito mode to be sure it’s not something in the browser.