Airline keeps shutting down and restarting


On the Xiguian server I have watched an airline create a subsidiary and then shut it down a few days later - restarting and repeating this method 3-4 times in about 10 days. They never book any flights but seem to have more planes each time they restart. I also noticed that a different parent company (under a different username) also created a subsidiary which had the exact same name as the company which keeps shutting down. Is this company doing something to get around the rules? Are they possibly doing something which means that they get a larger starting financial amount (I don’t understand what else they could be doing!) - especially as the plane amounts that they lease increase each time.

I would appreciate if someone could explain to me what was happening as they are clearly making an effort to continue doing this plan - whilst making no effort to book any flights before shutting down. The next day after ceasing operations - they just restart.


If you notice such a suspicious pattern, please report the airline.
The are some ongoing investigations on Xiguan and such airlines might be involved in not so legal activities… we’ll find out - when in doubt, better report it. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply.
I have reported both airlines that I think are suspicious. Problem is - they will likely shut-down in the next couple of days anyway. I will report them again if they restart. I noticed that they had planes on order yesterday - which they do not now (so I assumed they were delivered) - though the amount of planes in their fleet did not increase. I hope I am wrong in my suspicions because it is frustrating if people are cheating.

Thank you for reporting!
It does match some previous cases we were monitoring. I’m sure justice will be done soon.

Several airlines have been deleted and accounts were banned.
We’re currently developing counter measures that should make this scheme harmless in the future.

I’m guessing this is why the largest airline in the US market disappeared…