Airline Livery's

I was recently thinking about Airline Livery’s. What do you think of this?

i think it would be nice to see other airline livery’s of on there flagship aircraft




awsome livery you have

Very nice one :)

The liveries of my former airline Canadian Commuter can be found in my outdated AS pedia article

Here is one fo them:

I wished someone can make a livery like that for one of my airlines. Look really well made.



Very nice work you guys. I myself tried to do a livery form my airline. Of course not as good as yours. So I was wondering could you give some advice how you create such a nice liveries? What should be the main things to do to look realistic? I have basic+ knowledge of Photoshop.

For paints of your airplanes you first need some good basis, some good template. And that’s what my advice is about:

Jetabout offers great templates for liveries, which actually is on what most of the liveries you’ll see are based.

I have made a quick rough draft on a 737-800 aircraft


x africa template.png

Here is the livery (still a work-in-progress) of my Congolese Central African Airways on Nicosia. It is inspired somewhat by the livery of Congo's real-world flag carrier, ECAir.

Meanwhile, on MS Paint....  :wacko:

Isn't complete but you can guess why.

Meanwhile, on MS Paint....  :wacko:

Isn't complete but you can guess why.

I have been using GIMP for a while now and I recommend it. It's an open-source (free) program that is similar in many ways to Photoshop. Back when I was playing on a different airline simulation, I found step-by-step tutorials in their forums on how to paint planes, including shading, using the type of templates found at Jetabout.  

Here are links to tutorials for Photoshop and GIMP:

(I hope it's not a problem that I linked to that particular site; it's just that the information is quite helpful!) :unsure: