Airline Signatures

As you might have noticed already, it is now possible to add signature banner of any of your airlines to you forum signature. To do so, just add the following code to your signature and make sure to replace GAMEWORLD and ID by the corresponding values. The ID can be found in the URL of your airline's profile page.



So for my airline on Idlewild, the final code would look like this:


Note that both ID and GAMEWORLD occur twice when you want the image to link to your profile page. Of course you could replace the link with your airline's wiki page.

Some further notes:

  • Please refrain from using more than 2 images in your signature as it wastes a lot of space on the page.
  • You can use this code on most other forums as well. Doing so doesn't only allow you to brag about your airline but also helps us spread the word about AirlineSim.
  • If you wish to add the images to your blog or website, please use the HTML snippet below (replacing the placeholders, of course).


<a href="">
<img src="" alt="My AirlineSim Airline"/>


If you face problems getting the signature images to work it might be that you are using the wrong ID. This is how to get the right one:

When you visit a profile page of an airline, the link might look like this:

Sometimes they look like this, after you have selected a tab for example:

It's important that you use the part of the URL marked in bold only. That's the ID of your enterprise.

If you see code instead of a banner image, make sure that you’ve turned automatic text formatting off while inserting the code into your signature. The automatic formatting toggle is located at the top left corner of the textbox area toolbar. You can turn the formatting back on once you’ve saved your signature at least once.