Airlines Topic


I just thought that we could make a topic to, for expample I post: This is my airline bla bla, it has xy destinations, # of planes, logos, news, all for fun and ficticial, and so on, it would be very nice, something like this (it’s in spanish):

Greetings, sorry for my english.

You can do it here, on forum: in the world you are playing in (choose it at bottom of the forum).

Also, AS Wiki gives you the opportunity to create a page about your airline and update it regularly.

Aditionally you can paste your own text into the box to enhance the information of your airline on your information-page. This is (for example) my information:

  • Partner of Air Malaysia *

Sparrow Air is the biggest Indonesian airline. We provide a vast network within the Indonesian archipelago and maintain a single hub at Jakarta.

Focus cities are Surabaya, Medan, Bali and Ujung Pandang.

Our active fleet:

88 x B717 / 105 seats

67 x MD82 / 142 or 155 seats

13 x MD83 / 142 or 155 seats

24 x MD87 / 109 or 116 seats

13 x MD88 / 155 seats

29 x MD90 / 150 or 166 seats

19 x B757 / 202 seats

253 aircraft

…and additional information regarding interlining bla bla ;)