Airlines which high price airfare

I notice the airline Winnipeg Air… On same routes their price are sometimes teen times higher than my price and the planes are always loaded completely. How can this works? Is this cheating?


No airline names in the forum!

No, I’m not cheating. And no, it’s not nice that seemingly every top 50 airline gets accused of doing so.

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You just gotta get used to it. Nothing else to do mate.

Well, years ago it was “My competitor is better than me, how can I be as good as him?”. Now, it’s nothing more than “My competitor is better than me, he must be cheating!” :man_shrugging:t2:


Former times were better. :slight_smile:

I am a bit worried about moderators not reacting at all. This did not happen some time ago, we had much shorter reaction times. But perhaps all moderators do enjoy their Sunday - fair enough.

I beg to differ. Through my years playing I was reported about ones every month and only publicly shamed on the forum one time. But I must agree that this tomato throwing is more frequent now.

Actually, there was: Increase prices on those routes. :rofl:


There’s an in game max. price limit set to 200%. If you’re really at 1/10th then you’re probably offering below your “minimum price” - which would indeed be cheating. Offering at 200% is definitely not.


But then it would be the thread opener who. Is cheating…

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Is there a Moderator somewhere around? It is now half a day that an airline is accused by another player - could a Moderator please check in? Thanks.

Don’t you want to give them a day off on Sunday?

Just amazed about expectations on here… :thinking:

Ach voeni…
Rules do not stop on Sundays… And moderators have been online during the day.

For clarification - the thread opening guy uses 100% prices, while I’m somewhere around 170-180%. So he used massive exaggeration to prove his (pointless) point and hoped that nobody would notice this.


180% is unfair.

(just joking)

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I am by no means anywhere close to being an “expert” but if a competitor has their fares set at say 200% and yours is at 100% and their planes are full…I don’t think they are “cheating”. I think its more of just knowing which route to charge more on. Then again what do I know. :man_shrugging:

If you don’t like the high price gameplay I’d suggest you look at the Yeager server with its modified ORS calculations.

I don’t think moderation is need for the original post, as I wouldn’t read it as an accusation but rather a (naive?) question.

But I’m happy to confirm officially that there’s nothing wrong with the airline - and just as others here have pointed out, the high prices might rather be the very reason of the airline’s success.

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It is an accusation even if not wanted. Isn’t there a rule which says no airline names when suspecting that cheating may be involved?
It is not fair to name an airline even if the thread opener is naive.