AirlineSim Convention 2013 - Frankfurt

In 2013, the AS-Convention will almost traditionally held in Frankfurt.

Saturday starts with a common meeting place, visiting the "Waldgeist" (mega "Schnitzel"), a program around the airport and usually ends in some typical frankfurt "Apfelwein" restaurant. On Sunday we will meet for the convention itself. The team present some topics and there are also discussion and Q & A sessions offered.

Please select representative for the weekend the date of Saturdays:

You decided ... it will be September 28/29th, 2013!

Details to be published soon!

This year the AirlineSim Convention - the most important and biggest AirlineSim-Event of the year - will traditionaly be in Frankfurt again. On Saturday September 28th we have the general part with XXL-Schnitzel eating, spotting at the airport and drinking hessian "apple-wine". The Convention-Part will be on Sunday September 29th with presentations, discussions and chance to ask questions about AirlineSim (and more).

Please reply soon, if you want to take part, so we can make reservations etc. Naming us the booked hotel, arrival and departure date and how you arriver/depart (flight no/car etc.) is optional but would help us to coordinate the event.

Further details and locations will follow as soon as available! We hope to see you in Frankfurt!

Hello Sascha

Did you planned a visit of the airport ?

See you !


Yep. A spotting part is traditionally part of the event (on Saturday)

Hi Sk, could you please give me some more details on the event - what to expect, what language will they be in, where in Frankfurt will it take place.

this is the first time in 3 years i have an actual shot at making it.

in one language but is flexible we talk these German half English if you want to come ;)

previously it was meeting at Airport,

then this local


in the evening Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

Sunday then the convention where they talk about AirlineSim

It's not a big problem at all to communicate in english for the most participants. The meeting on Saturday will take part at/around the airport. Some of the participant will be there with their car and the public transportation system in Frankfurt is good to ;) So if you know you will take part, feel free to contact me - I may assist you (Frankfurt citizen :D )

Since I'm busy organizing some things for the event right now, a few more details on the language used:

There's no "official presentations" or anything like that on saturday since we will - as stated above - be spending most of the time spotting and eating in and around Frankfurt and Frankfurt airport. We have several members and fans that are fluent in English, so conversations shouldn't be a problem.

Concerning the Sunday-part of the event: Because most attendees will naturally be German, I will hold presentations in German, too. I will prepare all presentation slides in English though, so you can at least follow the slides. If you need clarification, questions in English are possible at all times and I will reply in English, of course :) 

Hope this helps :)

Thanks guys. That info is really helpful. Do you know if anyone else is coming from the UK or Ireland?

I will ponder over this during the next few days and will let you know as soon as I have made a decision.

Just a little off topic, but you may like this:

Earlier today, I met with a Candian resident who also plays airlinesim (and was the one who introduced me to this game). We both ended up in Karachi, Pakistan for holidays at the same time, and rest assured we discussed AS at length (I live in London). You guys are doing a wonderful job keeping us airline geeks entertained - even 5000-10000 miles away from our homes.

Hi guys,

could you please advise on some hotel, from which it will be convenient to get to both places? Or advice me of area, where I should search for one, please. Never been to Frankfurt, so have no clue were to look.

Thanks a lot for your help.

The people there have to sleep, all previously booked this hotel

Thank you very much. Will take a look and book either this or something in vicinity.

Looking forward to the meeting.

I'd love to go but I'm in England :(

Ok, decided on Cult hotel after all. Thank you for advise.

Count me in!

Unfortunately I personally will not be able to participate but I would love to see those presentations in English. Is it possible to get a copy?

Please let me know,