AirlineSim event in Asia?

Don't you want to do it in Asia?

Where it is not difficult for me to obtain a visa?


I’d be totally in favor of Asia, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Asia should be fine. How about FNJ?

Took the liberty of splitting the topic.

Why not in a place like BKK where tickets are cheap from everywhere in the world

Bangkok is a typical city everybody already visited at least once in their life. But you are right about positioning. On top of that, accommodation is cheap as well.

When it comes to visa requirements, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are the easiest countries to have a meet-up. 

Even Indonesia (Bali for example) has recently changed visa requirements to get visa on arrivals (or even visa free) for a lot of nations to attract more tourists.

Bali is fine for me. 

Bali.....!!!  B)  B)  B)

I could help with the arrangement if needed, lol.

Rajawali Nusantara will be delighted to be the airline partner.  B)

Lol Rama do you offer us free tickets ? ?

OMG, I have just realized, I started this topic.


Yasss! Asia!

Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, which ever is fine.

Maybe after Amsterdam?

I prefer Singapore due to the arrival and departure time from and to Europe.