AirlineSim Steam FAQ

Hi everyone!

We recently announced AirlineSim’s release on Steam, so we wanted to take a moment to gather some Q&A’s regarding the whole process. Feel free to reach out in case we missed anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Why did you decide to release AirlineSim on Steam?

One of our objectives approaching the Steam release was to explore a new platform for AirlineSim, making it available to more players all across the globe and thus creating a solid foundation for the future development of the game.

Another goal is to keep developing and enhancing the game, making it more accessible and desktop-friendly going forward. This also includes the implementation of new features such as updated in-game maps and other potential UX improvements, which will benefit both new and existing players.

When will AirlineSim be available on Steam?

AirlineSim has been released in Early Access on 11 June 2024.

Why are you releasing the game in Early Access?

As you might know, AirlineSim has been around for quite some time. Over the years, the game has seen a lot of progress, both in terms of in-game improvements and a steadily growing community.

While the game is technically fully playable, we decided to launch AirlineSim in Early Access in order to enhance the game’s user experience, ensuring a smooth integration into the new platform. Once we feel like AirlineSim offers a natural experience close to that of a regular desktop MMOG, we will leave Early Access.

In addition, we want to make use of the time in Early Access by working on several other improvements to the game that are not just specific to Steam and will be of use to both new and existing players alike.

What does the Steam release mean for me and my game?

The release on Steam does not mean you’ll have to use a Steam account. You can and will always be able to access and play AirlineSim the way you always do, and of course all of your airlines and companies will remain unaffected.

As mentioned above, we’re exploring Steam as a new way to reach potential players, so while you will have the option to access the game through Steam, the only changes that you’ll see in the future will be the in-game improvements that we plan to implement as part of the game’s Early Access journey.

Will I need a Steam account to play AirlineSim in the future?

No, the release does not mean that you’ll have to create a Steam account. If you don’t want to play AirlineSim using Steam, you’ll always have the option to login to your AirlineSim account and play as you normally would.

What is wishlisting about and why is it so important?

If you have an account on Steam, you can wishlist the game by visiting the AirlineSim Steam page and clicking on the “add to your wishlist” button located below the section showing the game trailer and images at the top of the page.

The wishlisting feature allows you to keep track of the game and it helps us out a lot, too, as it can impact AirlineSim’s visibility on Steam.

How can I support the Steam release beyond wishlisting?

As the game has been released on Steam, it would be extremely helpful for us if you would leave a positive review for the game! The Steam rating is the single most important thing that decides over whether a game will be successful on this platform!

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Install AirlineSim through Steam.
  • Once the game has opened, do not create a new account but instead connect your existing one by logging in with your usual AirlineSim credentials.
  • After having spent some time in the Steam version of AirlineSim - the more the better - go to the store page and leave a review.

Will the game’s payment system change as part of the Steam release?

No, the payment system will remain the same, even on Steam. The game will be listed as free to play with the option of purchasing credits in-game. While running the game through Steam, payments must be made using your Steam Wallet. Outside of Steam, all current non-Steam payment methods will be available as usual.

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