Is this simulator free? It seems like its too good to be true? I am having a blast playing right now, but will i be smacked in the face with fees later? Is this just a demo?

When registering, you have 14 days (I believe) to try the game. After that, you need to purchase credits in order to keep using the game. While in trial status, some functions are also locked (such as the stockmarket). When you have purchased credits, the status changes to premium. Check out our wiki for more information on credits and credit usage.

no, its not for free

you get some free credits for start, so you can test it for about 2 weeks,

then you have to pay for this simulation

Here are all the important informations:

Still you should consider investing the money. Even though I’m on a brief hiatus right now, I think it’s a hell of a lot of fun (and a huge challenge)!