Airplane "types"


I learned on this forum that using more then 3 Airplane Types could lead to higher maintenance costs. I was wondering how to understand this "Airplane Types".

Currently, I'm using A320 planes and EMB170. As I'm looking to expand into connection flights to smaller cities, I'm thinking of purchasing additional EMB145 planes. Does this count as an extra airplane type?

Same goes for the A340 planes (for future long hauls): is this a seperate airplane type from the A320? If yes, I suppose A320 and A321 are the same type, as are EMB170 and EMB190/195?

Yes, The A340 is a another maintenance category.

And also yes, The A319, A320 and A321(And also EMB 170/175/190/195) all are the same types. (Look at the bottom of the plane stat page)


You can check out the maintenance category for each aircraft at the technical specification bar of the aircraft.