Airport Building Jetways

Hi All,

I wonder if anybody knows how to add the Jetways for the airport building after it is built?

I built a passenger terminal but forgot to add the jetways. I wonder if anybody knows how I can add them now. I tried to look how to add but just couldn’t find.

If you could let me know it would be brilliant.

Thank you,


very easy - you can not add them

How would building a terminal benifit me and what are jet ways

Well actually a terminal does not help you much in the start-up phase of your airline because imho the costs do net match it’s use and the costs are very high. A own terminal, especially a 5 star one, brings you a better pax rating in the ORS. Jetbridges are the bridges that connect to the aircraft parked in front of the terminal: Jetway at Munich Airport

Thanks :)