Airport decisions

No point in making suggestions no one wants change.

And "who is" the airport? Who decides for every airport?

One suggestion is to have a flat landing fee at big airports (true in real life!!), which makes it less profitable for small aircrafts. Another suggestion (voiced before) is to limit the maximum percentage of slots at one airport for one holding group (say, a holding is allowed to only hold a maximum of 70% of slots) and also for alliances. This would be an easy way to (at least a bit) limit slot blocking, although this rule would not stop airports being congested - but that’s real life :slight_smile:

What do others think?

Well, this would also give big players an advantage. They can afford "big aircrafts". New Players which usually start with smaller aircrafts (Dash, CRJ, EMB or small Boeings and Airbus) would loose their slots on the big airport. Where is your problem with the actual system? First come, first serve. This it’s fair. No big regulations. Everyone understand it. There are only a few players who use dumb tactics and use LET and Co. to blocking slots. However, there is no need to change the actual system. At some point of the game, the slots will be a rare good, no matter which system you have. Even with your system, there will be airlines who will have up to 5.000 departures … maybe with 767s on domestic routes.

Also, just speaking from my experience on Tempelhof (and a couple months in China on Nicosia), airlines eventually disappear and slots open up. Right now in the US on Tempelhof, a mature server, the only completely blocked-out airport I can think of is MDW (although BWI is tough to get in and out of). Sure, the big airports like JFK and ATL will fill up again, but then someone else will quit and slots will reappear.

I’ve noticed a number of complaints about unavailable slots keeping players from flying into certain “marquee” airports. I guess I don’t understand why there’s any airport anywhere that’s so important. If I can’t get into JFK or LHR or HND, that just means my airline will serve other customers at other airports.