Airports in ground network

I’m curious how airports in the ground networks work. How priority is handled and if there is any transportation costs associated. I have a hub that’s full and thinking of expanding it a little more and might do so by going to another airport near by. Would this work, ie my fleet still get the feed, or no?

It could work but you get an terrible ORS-rating. For AS it’s just an regular transfer. In the ORS it will show up like this for example MAN-LHR-LGW-CDG. You will not have any costs or earnings on the LHR-LGW sector, however you won’t find much pax flying that route.

Basically, the ground network allows passengers (or cargo) generated at nearby airports to connect to different airports. If you fly LAX-JFK you might capture traffic going LGB-JFK or LAX-LGA for instance. These show up as single connections, and since the ground connection not well rated, your flight must have a good rating to maintain a positive ORS score. You would be unlikely to capture LGB-LGA traffic since this would show up as LGB-LAX-JFK-LGA, and double connections generally are not well rated. So, if you had flights out of ORD and MDW you would be unlikely to capture traffic on HOU-MDW-ORD-LHR, since it would be a double connect with a poorly rated segment (there is no shrimp cocktail on the El.)

There are no costs associated with the ground segment for you, it is basically like having a free interline agreement with an airline that has poor service.