airports not updating?

I have flights I were checking that didn’t receive any additonal loads after the airport update. Is there an issue where sometimes an airport it skipped. This is on a cargo plane of mine but it filled up 100% in one direction and after airport update it’s still showing zero the other direction. This is a little odd and everything is the same. A 767 full one way should at least have something coming back after the demand calculation.

From ANC-LEJ after two demand calculations there has been zero cargo. There have been other cargo through connections but zero from anc to lej. Considering one is 10 bar and the other is 8 along with a rout network I’ve made in lej something isn’t right. On the first run I filled up 100% from lej-anc but nothing on the reverse.

The only other person flying that route is showing 100% anc-lej and charges more. Why did I not get a single package?

I know there are times that no passengers fly on a route. I've had some of those recently in trying some new things on AS, and absolutely no one booked the flight, even after three days. If I hadn't just had this happen, I would say you're doing something wrong, but it might be that there's simply no one wanting to book that flight, whether it's passenger or cargo.

Seems unlikely though. That´s one of the busiest cargo routes in real life. Also LEJ/EDDP is a huge cargo hub for DHL, Amazon, Porsche and a whole bunch of other big ones. So unless ToiletDuck´s competitor runs 30 daily 777F on that route, he should get at least something.

a year ago i operated ANC-LEJ: there were only transfering cargo units onboard.

the most routes out of ANC go to North America and Asia.

even two large airports don't have to offer a big demand between each other.

Folks you may be forgetting that in many cases cargo flows one way only ...

(But not in AirlineSim) ;)

SK so is this normal or maybe a glitch. It’s so odd having 100% one way and nothing going the other. I get some transfer cargo but considering the route and that I have 5 aircraft in lej creating a network there something should go no?

In AirlineSim the demand in both direction is always the same. So if there is a difference in you bookings that has to be external influences like offered transfer connections or oponents