al-Jazair Airways

Welcome toinformation page of al-Jazair Airways, the national airline of Algeria and alasting member of the Infinity Alliance.

We arecurrently focusing heavily on domestic (Adrar, Annaba, Bejaja, Constantine,Hassi Messaoud, Oran, Setif and Tlemcen) and French market (Lyon, Marseille,Nantes, Nice, Paris CDG and Toulouse) with several daily flights to Spain aswell (Barcelona and Madrid).

What makesus special is that unlike other airlines we operate only owned aircraft. Wecurrently use eleven aircraft with overall age of 5.8 years of which nine areAntonov AN-140A planes, one Boeing 737-700 BGW and one Bombardier CRJ 900LR.

At thehighest of its performance (approximately two months ago) al-Jazair Airways andits subsidiary al-Jazair International operated over 110 airplanes (mostly Dash8 series, 737s, 757s and CRJs) to almost every major destination in Europe andUpper half of Africa, with flights to several places in Asia and Middle East aswell. However as the company was relying solely on leased aircraft a hugeamount of profits were turned to the lessors every week, profit which belongedto hard working people in al-Jazair Airways. Therefore it was decided by theshareholders that the company will, instead of rapid growth, choose stabilityand shed most of its less profitable routes focusing only on a short segment ofthe market. On the other hand we are now a stable company with no gaps in it’s cashflow that has an average margin of over 30% and profits around 2 million AS$ every week.This money is reinvested into our airline and thus we are back on our way towhere we used to be. Only this time stronger.

We will usethis page to try to help you keep in track with our company as we considerourselves a partner to last. We have been here since 8[sup]th[/sup] of August2011 and in that time our company worth grew to today’s 140 000 000 AS$.

If you needa partner in Northern Africa, search no more! With Croydon’s down heading amountof active airlines we are here to stay!

The lastweek results of al-Jazair Airways are in!

We managedto increase our overall revenue by 6,7% to [color=#008000]5 195 850[/color][color=#008000] AS$[/color] while the overall expensesraised by only 0.5% to [color=#ff0000]3 272 802[/color][color=#ff0000] AS&[/color]. This was possible onlybecause al-Jazair retained some of it’s old pilots and personal that was inreserve. The increase is thus just the fuel and maintenance.

The overallprofit is [color=#006400]1 936 908[/color][color=#006400] AS$[/color] with a margin of [color=#008000]37[/color][color=#008000]%[/color] which we consider a huge success.

The liabilities of the company are currently [color=#ff0000]28 450 000 AS$[/color] (last month 30 500 000 AS$).

Al-Jazair Airways still remains to be an extremely profitable airline. Both this and last week we earned around 1,7 milion AS$ that were used to repay our loans. We celebrate this by purchasing new Antonov AN-140A (and getting a new loan )!

It will serve additional daily connections to Hassi Messaoud (three daily connections),Madrid (two daily connections) and wereinstated flights to Cassablanca (one flight per day in the evening).

We also gave names to every single plane in our fleet with the pattern of:

737 fleet –names of countries (current 737 is named Algeria)

CRJ fleet –names of African cities (current CRJ is named Algiers)

Antonov AN-140Afleet – arabic female names (current planes are named: Zafirah, Nashita,Asilah, Azhar, Hiyam, Rayhanah, Layali, Umniyah, Hayed and the new planecarries the name Buhaysah).

[font="sans-serif"]So another week has past. And what a week it was![/font]

[font="sans-serif"]In cooperation with our partners from Infinity Alliance we sold our Boeing 737-700 HGW and got two Boeings 737-400 BGW instead. Additionally we had enough funds to purchase two more Antonovs AN-140A.[/font]

[font="sans-serif"]Thus we were able to hold to the three daily connections to Paris Charles de Gaulle and we added three more daily flights to Paris Orly (737-400). We also added additional flights to Annaba, Madrid, Casablanca, Barcelona, Tlemcen and Adrar (operated by Antonov AN-140A).[/font]

[font="sans-serif"]As a result of the disruption in our operation (two days halt in flights to Paris CDG) we had lower income, expenses and profit of only [/font][color="green"][font="sans-serif"]1 586 904 AS$[/font][/color][font="sans-serif"] (margin 32%). But we also lowered our loans to only [/font][color="red"][font="sans-serif"]28 400 000 AS$[/font][/color][font="sans-serif"].[/font]

[font="sans-serif"]We expect this to aid our partners and passengers (we provide more connections) as well as us (more flights mean more profit)! [/font]

The companyal-Jazair Airways have grown a lot in the past few weeks despite the lack ofnews on the forum. Notably we managed to lower our debt to and below 20 000 000 AS$ while raising our company networth to over 155 000 000 AS$.

Thisallowed us to expand again gaining new planes and scheduling more dailyconnections to neighboring countries as well as domestic routes.

Currentstate of the company:

Airplanes:17 airplanes, of which 13 are Antonov AN-140A type, 2 are Boeing 737-400 BGW and one is Bombardier CRJ900.

Current loans: [color="#ff0000"]24 000 000 AS$[/color]

Last two weeksyielded a profit of [color="#2e8b57"]2,9[/color] and [color="#2e8b57"]2,8[/color] milion AS$. We expect a slight decrease inprofit this week as well due to decrease in revenue and bad market situation. Despitethat we expect that the company will be able to expand operations, lower theoutstanding debt and increase our cash reserves.

Wow! Nice profit! I hope my airline will be that big!

Thank you Billy123 for your kind words!

I thought it might be interesting to give this topic some weeks (turned out to be over 5 months) and work on my airlines. And I have to admit that al-Jazair Airways, member of Infinity Alliance, has never been so healthy.

We currently have 56 planes (30 AN-140A’s, 22 737-400/500’s and 4 757-200/300’s). We serve 65 airports in 21 countries and we provide excelent service to over 180 000 passengers every week. That makes us fifth biggest airline based in Africa. We are also the only major airline in Africa that operates solely owned aircraft!

As we closed the books today we are proud to present some numbers to our fans and partners.

The overall revenues during the last accounting week were: [color=#008000]32 907 447 AS$[/color]

The overall expences during the last accounting week were:[color=#ff0000] 22 889 026 AS$[/color]

The overall final profits from the last accounting week were: [color=#006400]10 018 421 AS$[/color] (margin of 30%)

From latest news:

  • we have signed a strategic partnership with Kedu Air, a small starting company based in Lagos, Nigeria that started after the unfortunate dissolution of our long-term partner, Ikoyi Airlines

  • we are currently looking out to buy one or two 757-200/300s

  • we are planning a major expansion into the Nigerian Market in cooperation with Kedu Air and thinking about starting a second long-haul line

The company currently has a value of aproximately 560 milion AS$, the outstanding loans are currently aproximately 295 milion AS$.

We are always looking for new companies to co-operate with! Algier is, due to our coverage, a perfect starting point for your flights to Africa! We will provide a quality interlining agreement and as a stable airline will be there to support you if necessary. We are also looking for partners in various countries for long-haul/medium-haul service cooperation.

The past week was a huge success for al-Jazair Airways!

The final profit went up to [color=#008000]10 235 819 AS$[/color] despite the raising cost of fuel and slightly lower revenue in our cargo department.

We also managed to lower our outstanding debt to aproximately 290 milion AS$ despite the purchase of two older 737-500 HGWs.

The planes will serve two new daily connections to Lagos which were opened in cooperation with Kedu Air (we now have three daily connections to Lagos and one to Abuja), one more daily connection to Amsterdam and a new connection to Birmingham (the route 795/796 was disconnected a year ago due to low profitability).

al-Jazair Airways keeps on expanding. We are currently at 66 owned airplanes and 1 leased airplane that allow us to cover 72 airports and operate more than 2700 flights weekly (transporting more than 220 000 people weekly)!

Despite the growth of our fleet and operations we managed to lower the debt to 250 milion AS$ and we remain highly profitable with a strong network that allows multiple connections to Europe and Africa.

Please note: As al-Jazair is planning purchase of few more airplanes we are willing to negotiate a price on the 737-400/500 planes and 757-200/300 planes. If you own any of these and you are willing to sell them please contact us and we will definitely strike a deal.

Shame you don't play Airlinesim anymore! I loved watching your playthroughs and tutorials!