This will be a newsroom of sorts not just for Alban-Air which is the main airline in the Alban Holdings company but also Alban Holdings in general. I'm pretty new to Airlinesim only being playing it for about a year now and even then playing on and off and was sort of surprised to see such a well-developed server with a country wide open. I have been flying for a week going on two now with low costs but sadly a low load factor but still turning good profits. If anyone has any ways I could make my airline better please go ahead and post it. I will try to do a weekly or so newsroom esc thing in this thread. 

This week is a big week in the world of Alban-Air, starting today we are submitting our IPO, our CRJ-200LR has begun service allowing smaller airports to get connected, we have also begun service to Brussels and are starting service to Kiev shortly. This is a big week for Alban-air and we hope to give our passengers the utmost luxury we can. 

Due to successful IPO thank you all to whom you invested in my airline we will be undergoing some restructuring over this weekend starting with a comprehensive fleet and destination review with plans to add significant new routes and cut underperforming routes and aircraft from the fleet with plans for future growth and eventual European and other region expansions. In the meantime, the current changes to the Alban-Air mainline airline have been: 

-Removal of the CRJ200LR due to costs and lack of profitability

-Ending of multiple Eastern European routes

-Entry into service of a CRJ700

-2 new Turkish flights (Antalya and Izmir)

-3rd daily flight to Naples

-Plans to enter German and re-enter French markets by end of this quarter

-Plans to take delivery of 2-3 Sukhoi Superjets

-Plans to replace existing CRJ fleet with new CRJ700 Next gens and phase out older CRJ700's

Over the past few weeks, Alban-Air has gone through much of a change in its direction of the company. We have recently taken delivery of two 737's, one -600 and one -700 as well as a new CRJ700. We have launched new frequencies and added routes to Northern Europe as well as Barcelona. We have grown closer to many airlines and plan to join an alliance very soon. We are also currently in the works for a new livery and corporate branding to be released hopefully soon. In great news, we have surpassed 300 weekly departures and are close to becoming the top in market share in our hub of Tirana. We thank everyone who has invested in the company and we continue to make our flights enjoyable for both our passengers and our shareholders.