algjet brings you France!

Less than one-week old Algerian flag carrier algjet announces its first international destinations. According to the CEO of the airline, JohnNewman, flights to Toulouse, Nice, Lyon and Paris CDG will be operated by Algerian airline in September.

" We are very happy to offer our customers new destinations from Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, especially in France! algjet has a great potential, in my opinion, and our goal is to use it and to expand our network in Algeria and beyond ", said the CEO.

algjet is going to use a Bombardier CRJ 1000 NextGen for the new flights, which will be 3rd in a fleet. It will have 12 Recliner Shorthaul yourPremium and 80 Leisure + yourComfort seats. The timetable will be available from 30.08.2017 on our website, the flights will start from 02.09.2017.


algjet is a part of YJ Group. More info on our website

Love the creative name, good luck!

Press conference with JohnNewman, the CEO - Algiers, 02.09.2017

Main topic - Competiton and new airlines in Algeria

Introduction - JohnNewman

Welcome to the conference! We organized it here, in the headquarters of algjet, to clear up some points in our work as the flag-carrier of Algeria and announce our future plans.

Q1: Have the new competitors affected the financial results and passenger flow of algjet?

A: I would not say that they affected a lot, and I can say that algjet is still a profitable airline. But we can see some drop in passenger flow, especially on the route between Algiers and Constantine: there is not enough demand to support 2 airlines. When we launched the 4th daily flight with our new CRJ-1000, we saw that there is already more seats offered than there is direct demand. And now there are 25 more weekly departures with A320s, and that's a problem. Flights to Nice, which will be launched tomorrow by algjet, are now served by Sahara Air too, twice daily by A320s, which might cause passenger drop, but we have a reliable partner there, so we have an advantage.

Q2: Is new Oran Air a significant competitor for algjet?

A: No, it isn't. At least, yet. This route has some demand and Oran Air uses small ATRs on it, so both airlines benefit from the route. But still, the establishment of a new airline in Oran has changed our plans.

Q3: Which plans? Could you specify?

A: Of course. Since the launch of algjet, we had negotiations with Algerian government about launching the second hub in Oran to attract developers, but now, we are thinking about cooperating with Oran Air as a representative of algjet in Oran. Also, now we can't launch the 4th daily flight, which could connect Oran to all of our hub waves.

Q4: What will you do (or already have done) to stay the main airline in Algeria?

A:  Right now, we are lowering prices on the flights affected by competitors. We will reduce the number of flights on ALG-CZL route from 4 daily to only 2 daily flights. We will launch new flights to the new destinations instead.

Q5: When the new destinations will be revealed?

A:  I can say those new destinations of algjet will be revealed today or tomorrow. We planned those flights from the very beginning and we can't wait to present them!

Conclusion - JohnNewman

Thank you for your attention! algjet is here to stay, and those troubles we face aren't crucial for us and with the support of all Algerians and guests of Algeria, we can deal with everything to make you happy. That is the main goal for us.

Algeria starts with algjet!

P.S. I am kinda new to those airline threads, so this "press conference" was an experiment. Don't know if it is very interesting to read, sorry if it isn't :) All advice for algjet of the thread are welcome! 

To Egypt with algjet!

Algerian flag-carrier announces new destination - Cairo! The route will be operated daily by Bombardier CRJ-1000 NextGen "Constantine".

" algjet continues its growth by adding new important destinations out of Algiers. Daily service to Cairo was previously offered by the biggest airline on the African continent - Fennec Global - but now it is unserved. Cairo will be our first international destination in Africa and 5th overall ".



18:00 dep - 21:40 arr - CRK


00:40 dep - 04:20 arr - CRK


yourComfort ( Y ) - 217 AS$

yourPremium ( C ) - 514 AS$

Flights will start from 05.09.2017


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It was liquidated in September. So I had some rest from AS for 1.5 months and now maybe I will try a new airline