Alitalia Asbetos

It has been reported by the italian media they some Alitalia MD-82s have asbestos. The planes are currently on the airport Tarmac and out of use. This is also dangerous because other MD-82s of other airlines may have asbestos.This information is on Corriere Della Sera.

Just read the articel and it seems to be an Alitalia problem at all. If I understand it right, there is a report from the manufacturer to change some parts which aliatlia for some reasons haven’t done yet. Please correct me if I’m worng (my italian skills are not that good)…

I have translated it with Google translate, it said the following:

ROME - The right of March 13, we showed you pictures of some of the former MD80 Alitalia Italian Airlines today, abandoned on one of the maintenance yard, in the Airport of Fiumicino in Rome, after being removed engineers had found, in the furnishings of board and some mechanical components, quantity of asbestos that would require the detention of pending operations and remediation, as required by law. THE QUESTIONS - The presence of asbestos on these MD80, particularly on some mechanical components damaged, has forced the leader of the Greens and Radicals have two urgent questions for written answer to Parliament of the Lazio Region, to ask whether and in what quantity the 'asbestos is present on the MD80 still fly for Cai. RECYCLED AIR - The asbestos content in the mechanical parts, such as the braking system, has for years been dispersed by aircraft, braking during landing on runways and fittings, with a consequent pollution of the airport. The dispersed particles, such as thin spores, then ended up in the air sucked from the engines on the runway, recycled air and inhaled by all crew and passengers. The commander Galiotto explains that the air breathed during a one-hour flight is largely recycled from fans, because the air exchange in the air means more fuel consumption and therefore a higher cost. In a one-hour flight, then, the air in the cabin for 75-80% the same supply air take-off. So, says Emilio Cimmino: “For the good company recycles the air.” THE RECLAMATION? - Since 1992, manufacturers of aircraft to the airline reported the presence of asbestos in some mechanical parts, with an invitation to their rapid replacement. It’s been done? There were no reports of Alitalia certifications attesting to the complete decontamination of asbestos from air. Alitalia as a company never asked for the application for pr

It seems you lost some parts at the end, but it states, that the manufacturer asked the airlines to replace these parts and following this there seems to be a problem of (ex?)-Alitalia aircraft. I wouldn’t believe this to be a general MD-80 problem at all.

Being told to do something by the manufacturer and then not doing it (lack of money?) sounds very italien to me…

You should be careful calling this “italian” - that’s not fair to many italians. It sounds very Alitalian for me in some way… B)

Thank you SK because my entire ancestors on my father’s side is Italian and German. I actually have a very diverse family tree. But yeah with my experience on Alitalia SK is right.