All roads lead to Winnipeg

…at least if your airport has a minimum of two bars of demand. :wink:

To celebrate the occasion of having connected all relevant Canadian airports to the heart of Manitoba, I’ve drawn a little routemap for my overpriced airline - and while I was on it anyway, made one for the other hubs too.


You must be cheating :joy::joy:

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Beautiful maps. Reminds me of airline magazine level of quality.

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Thanks for feeding my flights to/from Tulsa! More than half the pax travel through you.

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Having grown up in the Peg…this makes me have good feels :slight_smile:

One additional thing…go JETS go !

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I really hoped that there would be someone who understands the reference. :ice_hockey:

Goose Airlines’ routemap to 59 one-bar airports is coming next. Still 128 airports to go then…

This is awesome. How did you make it?

Adobe Illustrator for the drawing, ASRoutemap to locate all the airports as precisely as possible.

Any suggestions for a good tutorial for building one? Cheers

Unfortunately, no, actually. It was more of a design exercise for myself so everything was just trying to find methods that work for my specific purpose and desired design language. So basically, it was “just” finding a good base map (, mapping all the 70+ airports by hand and then playing around (a lot) with colours, lines etc.