Alliances - what are they for?


What is the point in joining an alliance? Does it have something to do with the reservation system? Do you get more passengers? Or is it all a cosmetic thing with no advantages at all?


I would say nice cosmetic thing. Never heard of any advantages.


If you join the correct alliance you get tips, help, strategy advice, cheaper terminals, cheaper aircraft leases, possibly exclusive interlines and so on Advantages are numerous … But not with all alliances.


You do not need to be an alliance member to get these advantages.

Technically seen an alliance is good for nothing at the moment. Would appreciate it to see any advantages coming with an alliance (maybe in a new ORS-Rating).

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Really depends on the alliance. All alliances claim to provide benefits, but in my experience, few actually do. At the same time, it’s a way to make contacts within the game, and I have learned a lot from fellow players.


I Think Aliances give another dimension in the game.
You can adjust your strategies to your partners more easily.

I went from a airline making 2 mln a week with 30% profit margin to 6 mln a week with a margin in the 50% - 55% mark.

So they can be very beneficial

For this alliance I had to freshen up my German for it but it was worth it :slight_smile:


Alliances are as useful or as useless as the players within them. They don’t provide any intrinsic benefits per se, their sucess or failure depends on how far members are willing to cooperate and help each other.


The only good thing about alliance is that you have a logo in a small box next to your airline logo in the airport page. That if the airline has a logo. So usually, I opt for an alliance who has the nicest logo of all.