American Express IPO

Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to announce the IPO of American Express Airlines!

Join our organization and expand with us! We have a solid business plan based on ownership of aircraft. We have agreements with interlining partners that keep load factors high. Please invest in our company and give it the opportunity to expand.

A great opportunity for you!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN thank you for your support of our company going public. Please continue to purchase shares for the monumental event!!!

At American Express Airlines we offer only the best in customer service. Our aircraft carry a very low Pax to Flight attendant ratio, incredible international service, and have interlining agreements to make sure they get our Pax to their desired destinations. Help us get your pax where they need to go by investing in our company today!

Thank you for your support and God Bless!

I’d also like to add that our business model is international service only. We connect your airlines to the other airlines of the world so your pax have more options for travel. An investment in our company, depending on size, will guarantee our non-compete service meaning we connect to your airline and only your airline in that country!

Plus we need the money so grab a few shares to help a brother out!