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Ameriwest Has IPO success

Today, the airline showing a lot of “Love” to the US skies has been successful in it’s initial public offering. Dallas’ own home grown airline Ameriwest Airlines has been raise even more funds to press ahead with its continued rapid expansion.

Even prior to the IPO the airline has acquired over the last few days no less than THIRTEEN more aircraft to its fleet, comprising of 120 seat B727-100 and 180 seat B727-200.  The airline has begun 8 new routes aswell as increasing frequencies on a lot of routes across its network. This includes incorporating a 4th base into its network - Denver. The mile high city has long been a successful route from its Dallas/Love and Houston/Hobby hubs , which has prompted the increase in the network into the airport.

From Denver we have started 12 new daily flights 6 airports - 1 to Albequerque, 2 to Atlanta, 3 to Chicago/Midway, 1 to El Paso, 3 to Las Vegas and 2 to Phoenix.  Not only this we have added a 4th flight to Dallas and increased Houson to 3 times daily.

We have added new routes from Dallas to Midland(Daily), From Houston to Los Angeles(Daily) as well as increasing routes across our 3 hubs of Chicago, Dallas and Houston. Notable increases include increasing our Midway to Atlanta route from 2 to 5xDaily and Houston to Denver from 1 to 3 times daily

Daily Departures and (Destinations) by our top 5 stations are add follows:

Dallas (Love Field) - 55 (19)

Chicago (Midway) -  29 (8)

Houston (Hobby) - 27 (11)

Denver - 19 (8)

Atlanta - 13 (4)

The way our Chicago hub is set up is the aim of our strategic network, we want to be able to operate at least 3-5 daily flights to each station from either our hubs or other stations on the network. We do not plan to add any further stations to our current 23 station network for the time being, but when we do they again will aim to have at least 3 daily flights there.

Ameriwest - Spread the love


Today, Dallas’ home grown airline AMERIWEST has begun its expansion after the successful IPO.

4 more 727s have joined our fleet, taking the number to 22 that are in our fleet (with 19 IL18Ds). Soon we will look to begin the phase out of the Russian aircraft as we move to an all Boeing fleet. The mix of the 120 seat -100 and 180 seat -200 series 727s are perfect for our current and future needs. The 4 aircraft are being used to expand our 2 Texan hubs at Dallas Love and Houston Hobby.

From Dallas we have added 2 more flights to a new service to Midland (now 3xDaily), added a 3rd daily flight to Los Angeles, LAS Vegas, New Orleans, Oklahoma and Orlando, as well as a 2nd to Phoenix.

From Houston we have begun a new route to Oklahoma on a daily basis. Furthermore we have added a 2nd flight to Fort Lauderdale, LAS Vegas and New Orleans, a 4th flight to Orlando and a 3rd flight to San Antonio.

Further expansion will come as more B727s come on board.

Ameriwest - Spreading the Love


Today, travel to and from the Sunshine state has been made all.the more easier from Chicago thanks to fast expanding Ameriwest Airlines.

The airline has acquired a further THREE B727-100s making the fleet now 45 strong. 2 new routes have begun from our 2nd biggest station Chicago/Midway to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. Both routes are served twice daily and will provide our famous service for passengers wishing the flight. Not only this but connection opportunities are offered to a variety of destinations in the USA.

Not only this, the airline has also increased its routes from Chicago to MSP (Now 7xDaily), DTW  (6xDaily) & HOU (4xDaily).

On this the CEO said “Our relationship with the city of Chicago and Chicago/Midway is growing and growing everyday with more routes and frequencies than ever before. We will continue to add further routes and destinations in the coming weeks”

Current top 5 stations:

Dallas (Love Field) - 61 (18) - unfortunately our service to Amarillo has been cancelled for.the time being

Chicago (Midway) -  39 (10)

Houston (Hobby) - 34 (12)

Denver - 19 (8)

Atlanta - 13 (4)


Baltimore becomes “Love Hub” Number 5!!!

This week, rapidly growing Dallas based airline AMERIWEST AIRLINES has inaugurated its 5th “Love Hub” into its network at the east coast city of Baltimore.

The airport is a gateway into the Baltimore-Washington metro area and is already a long term destination on our network.

In addition to the already operated 4 Chicago/Midway and 4 Dallas flights, we have added 4 flights to Atlanta, 3 to Detroit, 2 to Houston and 2 to Orlando making a total of 19 daily flights at the airport.

On this the CEO said “We are delighted to welcome Baltimore to our hub network which will  become our main east coast gateway. Already loads are great and we are looking to add more flights to other destinations on our network with a focus on Florida”

Our current top 5 stations on the network:

Dallas (Love Field) - 62 (18)

Chicago (Midway) -  39 (10)

Houston (Hobby) - 36 (12)

Denver - 22 (8)

Baltimore - 19 (6)

As you can see our hubs are really starting to bulk out with at least 3 flights a day to every station.

A milestone will be reached this week when we will reach the 50 aircraft milestone. We now aim to keep the fleet at 50 whilst replacing our 19 strong ilyushin fleet. Hopefully within a week all will be replaced.

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