An introduction

Hello all!

I’d just like to make a little introduction. I’m Emmiran, nice to meet you :smile: I stumbled upon AirlineSim late last year,and when I did it was just as Xiguan was launching. So I bought some credits and devoured the forums, the beginners blog post, the wiki, some YouTube stuff. I was all ready to dive in… then Christmas, New Year etc took me away. In the new year I once again returned, only to move on again. And a 3rd time. But now I’m here properly! I think I was lacking a direction within a really blank canvas. I knew I wanted to start in Perth, Australia ( my home city ) but beyond that I didn’t have much direction. So I decided to set myself a challenge, and it is this ;

Emmiran Global Transport Holdings, through it’s subsidiaries will offer at minimum 2 weekly flights to EVERY airport in Oceania that has been issued an ICAO code ( All 388 of them! ). This will mean that anyone in Oceania will be within connection range of a 4 bar or higher airport, even if it means direct flights from remote islands. Flight is a right, not a privilege.

On top of this, we will also offer a minimum of 1500kg in cargo capacity to all 388 ICAO airports, meaning all of Oceania has access to the goods they may require.

So the challenge is on. Can a complete rookie achieve this? It’s going to be a long tough haul that’s for sure with a lot of lessons along the way. Oh…one final note… I will never restart. Yep. Just as the final difficulty icing on the cake.

Now the more observant may say I have already restarted several times, and that’s possibly true, but I’ve never flown a flight in any previous visit, so I’m going to write them off. Likewise it may be noted I started a few days ago, then restarted today. That’s because I figured I’d possibly need multiple enterprises to cover different maintence classes etc so I left some money on the holding to do that. Except for some reason I thought the minimum was $2M, turns out it is $3M and I couldn’t fire up the 2nd one, hence the restart. But we’re locked and loaded now. FLIGHT Oceania (FOL) looks forward to taking to the skies, and FLIGHT Oceania Regional is also set up to handle some of the more niche routes we will be offering to make sure all of Oceania can explore the world.

While there is some information out there on starting an airline, I’d also like to contribute and will be documenting my progress. Whether that takes the shape of blog posts, recorded videos or live streams I’m not 100% sure yet, but adding another voice with another style of articulation can’t hurt in trying to get more airlines to start and stick around.

And with that, the challenge is ON… wish me luck :wink:

  • Emmiran

Hey :slight_smile: Really love your introduction and your enthusiasm towards your ideas. They sound very ambitious - especially regarding the fact that Oceania is enormous and sparsely populated, but I think if you make it step by step it can work. I’m doing the same on Xiguan in Canada at the moment so I can definitely relate to your approach.

A few tips:

  • Build up a solid foundation of profitable routes, I’m guessing it will be mostly domestic Australian destinations. You’ve got a pretty large (but not unconquerable) competitor in Perth, but maybe you can team up as well so he can support you with feeder flights.
  • Start with all your money within one airline to have all your little resources bundled at the same place. Only then is it feasible to achieve a reasonable amount of growth in the beginning. You wouldn’t start with all your (in the future) desired aircraft/maintenance categories anyway.
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Hey @khoianh, thanks for the reply.

So I’ll have to go ahead and chalk up mistake number 1 ( of many I’m sure ) as I’ve already set up 2 enterprises. I want to try out some of the smaller aircraft for eventual island hopping and didn’t want the image hit in my main airline. They’ve been split $7M and $3M, but I get what you’re saying about having it all in one basket to put more planes up, and compound the gains from the biggest pot possible. My bad!

It will definitely be a gradual process. I’ll try and find what’s profitable first, the overall goal will be chipped away from from a bankroll created by a successful traditional airline ( I hope ).

At least the 2 enterprises are interlined, so it ‘kind of’ still grows together.

Update #1 : Also known as the ‘I’m too scared to press the Place Order button’ lol

So yesterday I spent some time trying to narrow down which aircraft I should be targeting for my airline. Some considerations I had were ;

  • Which planes to use for the regional, 0 & 1 bar airports to meet my 2 flights min. quota
  • Which planes to use for my ‘for profit’ flights between airports domestically
  • Taking into account travel distances, runway lengths etc as Australia is quite large
  • Thinking about cargo. If I go with planes that can carry at least 750kg on their 2 trips, then I won’t need to run a special cargo focused flight to get me to the 1500kg per week quota
  • What to fly in case I need to run some cargo flights

I’m only looking at small and medium planes currently. International etc will come much, MUCH further down the track.

I managed to filter down some options. For example, I quite liked the Tupolev TU-204-100, but after investigating, it won’t land at a dozen or more 4 bar airports in Australia I had flagged as it needs more runway than they provide, thus I put a line through it.

Mostly though, I was just hesitant to push the buy button an anything lol

I did however do a little bit of set-up/housekeeping ;

  • I turned off all comfort settings
  • I raised staff wages to 50% above average, although I only have one staff at present, I’ll monitor the image boost until full then tone down
  • I set up stations at all Australian airports 4 bar or higher
  • I sent out some interlining requests. A couple to my biggest competitors ( I don’t expect them to accept as I offer them nothing currently but there’s no downside to me in asking ) and some to foreign airlines, flying direct to Perth, but with no current Australian IL partner. I figure if anyone accepts, it’s no problems for me to base my waves around carrying their arriving passengers onwards, as there’s nothing else tying me to a particular schedule currently.

So that’s update 1… I promise tomorrow there’ll actually be some aircraft in my hangers! :wink:

Well, you at least get their attention, which might not be the best idea given how a few play the game.