Any logomakers out there?

Hello :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is anyone out there who can make me some logos for the game?

I’m not good at this at all, and after several days with trying, I’m not getting any good logo at all to use for the game.

I have ideas, but I’m flexible. I want 7-8 logos if not the same can be used at several companies. I’m willing to pay for logos, even tho I don’t have that much to spend.

Please contact me at my inbox at the game (andreth), or under here.

I’m desperate!

Hi there,

I wouldnt say i am a proffesional logo maker however, if you want i can try making you something.

Ive made the following one for myself, its quite basic but looks really good in the Sim.


Let me know if you are interested.


I’m not necessarily good with original symbols but I know my way around color combos and fonts… eg I can do more text-based logos. I have made several logos over the past few months for AS in particular, my current one looks like this…
Filipino Jet Mainline Logo v1.1 (Compressed)
but I have experience doing different types as well. If you (or anyone for that fact) is interested, please contact me.

Hello :slight_smile: I could be interested. I do not have tons of money to spend, but I would like to pay a small sum, for the right logo as it’s work for you to make. Looking for a logo that can work good in 120 x 23 and as a big logo on the profile. I don’t know if one logo can be used for several companies? Cause when I will have time to play later on I would like to have several companies in the end. The same company, but for example if the airline is name “Connected”, I would like a “Connected Norway, Connected Denmark, Conntected Sweden, Connected Regional” as examples. I’m not that good at this.

If you slide somwhere I can contact you, I will send you a message! If you want to be payed for your work, don’t expect much, but I’ll give you some for the hard work! :smiley:

Just message me what you’re interested in having, for example, colours, text fonts, you going for a premium look or budget look… details like that and I’ll get started right away.

I’ve actually just updated my own airline, to give it a more premium but contemporary look.


Look forward to hearing from you.