Any other pure First-Class airlines out there?

Hey guys,

when starting on Otto II, we wanted to try something very different: A pure First Class airline, that means, no Economy Class and no Business class.

So far so good, making 1,5mil profit a day, transporting 10k+ First Class passengers in fancy luxury suites through whole Asia and beyong.

We've been playing airlinesim for quite a while, but we've never seen any pure First-Class airline around. We know, it's difficult to start a First-Class-Only airline, but it's sad that nobody else tried the seemingly impossible! But maybe....someone escaped our observations?

Also, we're always happy toe receive new Interlining requests from airlines who operate any First Class cabins.

Feel free to send us interlining requests as long as you don't operate any IL-18's!


Executive Wings Asia

I briefly ran a pure first class airline but I prefer running solely Y and C class and currently dont offer any first class with any of my airlines.

Pity! :)

Maybe a good idea to try it. I offer a mix of Y,C and F.

On otto 1 I ran a C and F only airline that was very successful out of JFK. Had I understood more of the game's requirements and financial effects of various choices it could have been extremely successful. Was definitely fun though, and very easy to make money with that business model.

While I had some pure F planes I never tried doing a whole airline in that manner, wish you all luck!

It's incredibly easy to make massive profit by solely operating aircraft with Business and First Class when new servers open up. In about a week and a half, Quimby will restart. That would be your chance to test out your business model.



All Business class makes a lot of money for example on the CGK-HKG I have an all business class A321 and that makes more profits than the other two A321s flying the route (with full business class route but not quite full economy) combined.