Applying AS to the real world

This may be a little bit different from whats usually on the forums but i thought I would throw it out there. I’m a junior in high school and have been playing AS for a number of years now and really have found a passion in aviation and in AS. As you all probably know junior/senior year is when you really get pressure put on you to start thinking about your future plans with college, and what you want to study. Like I’ve said, I’ve really found aviation to be a passion and specifically Airlinesim. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealt the card of colorblindness, so the commercial pilot route isn’t an option. I’m more interested in the management/operations side of aviation. I’ve done a little bit of research on my own, but I still don’t have a great idea of what options and opportunities are out there. I figured a bunch of people who have a similar interest would be the best to ask.

Hi there,

I don’t have experience in aviation myself, but I’ve found this website that has some job profiles. Just to get an idea. There might be more websites of this kind related to aviation.

Also, something different: outside of the airline, how about something like Air Traffic Controller?

Good luck with your search for a future education/job!

I’m not sure how this goes together with color blindness, maybe?

If the TO is going to study, how about aerospace engineering (only if you LOVE math!) or aviation management - less math/physics but close to what you do in AS.

If you are in the US, there are some great options for Aviation Management degrees. The notable one is from Embry-Riddle, but more-mainstream schools like U of Oklahoma and Purdue offer them as well. There is a school (I believe it’s Vaughn) that offers aviation degrees and the campus is across the street from runway 4/22 at LGA. It also depends on what you want your college experience to be like and the future, and so on.
There are options, it just depends if you want a big or a small school, and all the typical questions the counselor makes to do the right fit, etc.
If you have access to a college comparison platform like Naviance provided by the school, use that. Otherwise Cappex is free and just as good.
Hope that helps. If you have any further Q’s feel free to ask.

I was a crew scheduler, baggage handler, and operations specialist in the Army. There are plenty of opportunities out there that simulate or mimic this game.

Crew scheduling, dispatching, maintenance scheduler/controller, aircraft router. As you work your way up in the company, you can maybe become an aircraft procurement specialist.

Also, I’m from Green Bay. Go Pack Go!!!

In Europe you also have TU Delft for example, for Aerospace engineering and a potential masters in Air Traffic Operations.

All the best!

Might be resurrecting a topic but just in case : I am a CPT in Europe and am currently following one of the top Air Transport Management courses (The London City one).

The other big alternative is Embry-Riddle in the US. There’s pretty much one per major aero country possible but these two stand out in conversation in the industry more than the others.

And for further studies : Embry Riddle has the only PhD AFAIK (at least in the western countries)