AS is cheaper than real airlines!!!

I was booking a BOM-JFK for myself and thought of checking out the ORS (addiction symptom!!) just for fun and I was surprised to find that AS had cheaper and better flights than real life. in AS US Wings provides direct A380 service, in real life only 777 direct is available by Air India & Continental and about $400 more expensive for a round trip compared to US Wings price on AS. I eventually booked on Emirates because I wanted to travel on their A380 on the DXB-JFK sector… spent an additional $120 over the cheapest direct connection and a 8hr wait in DXB (the better conn was too expensive)… what do u guys think… worth it? or is the A380 just a hype?

maybe the exchange rate of AS$ and US$ is not 1:1 … :P

Hi Ivan,

I guess you’re an aviation enthusiast, or you would not be playing AirlineSim

So if you are interested in the A380, go ahead and enjoy the experience. I don’t know if it would be worth the extra money and waiting. For the average traveller, I mean. After all, Airbus does not decide how much comfort and leg room you get… that choice is made by Emirates. But do let us know what you think about it afterwards.


That is one of the weaknest of the pricing in AS. Ultra long haul flight aren’t as profitable as real life ultra long hauls.

Real life ultra-long aren’t that profitable than you may suggest. You need relative high prices especially in the more comfortable classes. That’s the point why there aren’t so many airlines offering long haul flights at all. And most of them aren’t healthy.

Some of those are also due to rising fuel prices especially if they use quad jet airliners like the 747 and A340.