Asian IL partners

Wanting an IL partner in Burma?  Or a SE Asia carrier IL partner

Wanting a big airline with other 15,000 PAX a week capacity (Soon to be 20,000).

Domestic Short Haul Medium and LH flights.

Well Burmese Airservice is the airport for you!!!!! We offer a fleet of;

4 Dash 8 200A's  20 Leisure 8 R Shorthaul

2 Dash 8 300A's  28 Leisure and 12 R Shorthaul or 28 L plus and 8 R LH (Now bidding)

3 EMB 195 LR     71 L plus and 9 R LH

2 Boeing 757 200ER 100 Comfort Plus and 16 Lie Flat 140

We also offer the Kangaroo route beginning on the 23rd of DEC. This is from FRA-RGN-MEL and MEL-RGN-FRA with all connections within 90mins.  

So wanting a connection to South East Asia or to expand your network IL with us and our 200 Deps from RGN. (Currently 150)