Asiana East IPO

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Asiana East is opening his IPO now, and you can buy it directly from here. Asiana East IPO



Asiana East is a young, but talent company whose main hub is in Macao , China.

After 4 weeks operation, we are currently making good profit by linking almost all of the Chinese Main Cities( via 6 Dash8) and starting to expand our networks with Asia-Pacific and Euro Area (via 1-2 CRJ900).

As a common transfer point for Mainland China, Asiana East always provides the best on-board services, carbin-Seats and competitive prices.

Our cash-flow is going to be stable now and the tendency of profit margin is increased significantly (From -0.8% to 1.3%) by transferring total 34000 passengers.

So Don’t wait to become a profit-share-holder when we are strong, we are looking forward to growing up with you now, which is the best time to get constant growing profit from NOW !!!

All interlining are welcomed, especially from SIN and LHR

Feel free to ask questions



Good work I have not enough fund to get your IPO but hopefully mine is going to be successful like yours.