Aspern Down? [Pearls and Hoover affected as well]

Hi can’t log into Aspern, didn’t see any notice of planned shutdown or maybe I missed it. Thanks

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Aspern, Pearls and Hoover were facing a hardware issue tonight. We are in the process of resolving it. Thanks for you understanding.

We are currently waiting for a new server to come online so we can move the affected game worlds. We will keep you posted!

Unfortunately, the problem persists for now.

We ordered new hardware but our hosting partner is a lot slower than usual in provisioning the new machine. At the same time, replacing the RAID controller on the defective machine did not fix the issue.

Thank you very much for your patience. We are trying to get this resolved as fast as possible.

We will be credited the days that it’s down, right?

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After yet another switched out component, the server is back up. All three game worlds have to catch up quite some backlog which might take some time.

Pearls works properly. Aspern again not working.

Aspern still shows the longest backlog, while Hoover and Pearls are recovering more quickly.
Still, there’ll be some more waiting involved - we’re continuing to check the backlog of all affected game worlds.

Aspern shows a backlog of 1 day 8 hours 14 Minutes with status “working”.

During I wrote this message backlog changed to 1 day 8 hours 17 minutes.
Means backlog still increases.

We are aware of that. But keep in mind that there are three game worlds recovering at the same time. Aspern seems to be the most complex for reasons we have yet to determine, but we expect it to reduce it’s backlog once Hoover and Pearls are through theirs.

Please have an eye on Aspern.
Backlog 29 minutes and increasing.