Aspern Down?

About 17:00 (UTC) Aspern went down for me. Not sure whether this is just me or server wide? Displaying this in game worlds currently...

I think it is down again for everyone

Whole machine is unreachable right now. Don't know any reasons yet.

Still down for me as today.

Hey guys, what happens if the simulation is actually down. The world basically 'pauses' or is a 'retroactive' correction applied when resuming?

Morning everyone,

I was out yesterday evening and (with onöy a phone available) was only able to issue a hardware reset of the affected server. It came back online shortly after, but it seems like it went offline again tonight. This seems to be a hardware issue (host machines shouldn't just "disappear"), so I've opened a ticket with the hosting provider.

Once the server comes back up, the simulation will resume and pick up wherever it was left standing when the machine went down.

We are pretty sure it's a hardware defect, but we still don't know what exactly it is. We will monitor the server and should it go down again we will have the machine replaced. 

Just to let you know: We've swapped the drives of the Aspern server to a new machine, so if any part of the old box has been the cause for the recent outages, the problem should be resolved now.