ATE bug b739er bgw

ATE has bug for B739ER BGW and BGW with winglets

It shows the same "available seats" for Slimline HD through Leisure Plus (seat number does not change) in ATE for the given class.


the B737-900ER BGW is payload restricted and is not able to transport 220 passengers.

Due to this the maximum amount of seats is 184 or 187.

okey dokeeey.... but why would then cabin config tool allow you to create config with 220 slim hd seats?

because it can - the space to configure so is available.

So if I understand it correctly, you can make the config but you wouldn't get all those seats after it goes through ORS cycle, right?

That's right. The main reason for these aircraft were to offer a more comfortable cabin (larger pitch or better seats) by keeping the same amount of seats.