Aurora Borealis Norway (Newsroom)

Aurora Borealis Norway launches in Oslo


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Hei och velkommen fra Norge!

Aurora Borealis Norway, the new Norwegian Airline, based in Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) has got into business today!

With 5 aircraft (3x CS300, 2xDC 9-31) we are going to start with service to 15 destinations from Oslo.

All the aircrafts are named after famous Norwegian personalities such as Roald Amundsen, Ole Einar Bjorndalen or Henrik Ibsen.

Domestic routes:

to Aalesund Vigra (AES): daily

to Bergen Flesland (BGO): 3-4x daily

to Bodo (BOO): daily

to Evenes Harstad/Narvik (EVE): daily

to Haugesund Karmoy (HAU): daily

to Kristiansand Kjevik (KRS): daily

to Molde Aro (MOL): daily

to Stavanger Sola (SVG): 3x daily

to Tromso Langnes (TOS): daily

to Trondheim Vaernes (TRD): 2x daily

International flights:

to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): daily

to Frankfurt am Main (FRA): daily

to Helsinki Vantaa (HEL): daily

to London Heathrow (LHR): daily

to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN): daily

Together with Milestaste Air Lines and Helsinki Airways, both based in Helsinki Vantaa, we also founded the Nordic Alliance.

the goal of the alliance is to get a huge network of airlines and connections all over Scandinavia.

The alliance is open for new members if their airlines is based in northern Europe (e.g. ARN, CPH, BGO).

We are open to several new interlinings as well, mostly in Scandinavia.

Aurora Borealis Norway is looking forward to welcome you the first costumers on board soon!

Best regards,

Luke, CEO Aurora Borealis Norway


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Aurora Borealis Norway: daily into Denmarks capital

Hei fra Norge!


It was an intensive weekend with the successful launch of both the Airline and the Nordic Alliance.

Aurora Borealis Norway is running quite amazing right now after we reach a SLF of nearly 93% to the beginning of the week.

As the 28th of March appears, we are glad to announce our new daily service to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH).

The flight is operated by a brand new CS300-Aircraft LN-AAA "Hååkon of Norway" in the evenings.

The departure time offers great opportunities for connections out of our domestic destinations to continue to Denmark.

Some other changes expandings in the schedule are already done:

The service to Tromso Vaernes (TOS) increased by 3 flights weekly, so we get 10x/week.

Stay tuned and welcome on board,


CEO Aurora Borealis Norway


Aurora Borealis Norway: 14x more to Norways North


Hei fra Norge!

Domestic Flights are very important in Norway as the country is long, the mountains are high and the fjords are deep.

Especially "Finnmark", the northernmost part of the country needs flight connections to bring people down to Oslo and back again.

After a lot of operational changes, we are proud to announce two new destinations in Northern Norway!

1.) Alta Airport (ALF), daily with a CS300

2.) Bardufoss Airport (BDU), daily with a CS300

According to this new destinations, we expanded the services on following routes:

Bodo (BOO): now 5 additional flights per week

Tromso (TOS): now 2x daily

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (CPH): 5 additional flights per week, leaving CPH in the early morning for great connections from our hub OSL.

It is obviously that we had to close the first destinations as we are opening new ones. 

All flights to Helsinki (HEL) and Frankfurt (FRA) are not sold longer, the schedule to Stavanger (SVG), Bergen (BGO) and Molde (MOL).

These changes are due to low demand.

We are looking forward for the next week and hopefully for a new aircraft as well!

Best wishes,

Luke, CEO Aurora Borealis Norway


Aurora Borealis Norway: Expanding network from Oslo


Hei fra Norge!

Since we got our new aircraft "Johannes Hoesfloet Klaebo", a Dash-8-300A, we tried to open a network around the Nordnorwegian City Tromso.

Because we failed quite hard, we decided to cancel all flights up there and move the aircraft down to our hub Oslo Gardermoen and start regional flights from there.

Since this week, we offer very smooth flights to some small airports in southern Norway:

Kristiansund (KSU): 4x weekly

Orsta-Volda (HOV): 4x weekly

Molde (MOL): we swiched the operating aircraft from former DC-9 to the smaller Dash 8-300, now daily service again.

Floro (FRO): daily

Sogndal (SOG): 4x weekly

Sandnessjoen (SSJ): 3x weekly

Forde (FDE): 3x weekly

These flights are running well so we expect to keep up the service!

Due to the configuration in our game world, Aurora Borealis Norway is going to try the Ilyushin IL18-D as well.

Even if our strategy is to focus on modern aircrafts, we want to see how big the difference is and if it can help us to grow faster, transport more passengers but have them as happy as in a modern CS300.

3 Ilyushin IL18-D have been ordered and they are starting their service from next weekend on different routes we are already serving as well as on five new destinations abroad.

This is just a test, if we succeed, we are going to replace these aircrafts as soon as possible.

The new aircrafts are:

LN-ADY "Magnus Carlsen"

LN-ADZ "Martin Odegaard"

LN-AEA "Kjetil Jansrud"

These A/C are not replacing other aircrafts in the actual flight plan, we just offer additional services.

The routes with increased services are:

Evenes Harstad/Narvik (EVE): now 2x daily

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS): now 2x daily

Kristiansand (KRS): now 2x daily

The new international routes are following:

Zurich (ZRH): 6x weekly

Munich (MUC): daily

Vienna (VIE): daily

Barcelona (BCN): daily

Madrid (MAD): daily

Let´s see how the Sowiet-Aircraft is going to perform ;-)

Best regards,

Luke, CEO Aurora Borealis Norway


Aurora Borealis Norway: Expanding network from Oslo


Hei fra Norge!


Our test with the IL-18-Aircraft was successful so we decided to expand our operations with 5 more aircrafts of this type:


LN-AGE: IL18D (Roald Amundsen)

LN-AGF: IL18D (Henrik Ibsen)

LN-AGG: IL18D (Edvard Munch)

LN-AGH: IL18D (Niels Hendrik Abel)

LN-AGI: IL18D (Astrid Lindgren)


Two things are quite special when we bought and named them.

First and quite important is, that LN-AGE and LN-AGF are just replacing the DC-9-31-aircrafts, that's why they have the same name as the DC-9 had before.

LN-AGI is named after the famous Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren because the A/C is going to be based in Stockholm Arlanda.


New Hub in Stockholm Arlanda (ARN):

With one IL-18D based in Stockholm and increased flights to the Swedish Capital from Oslo, we opened the first hub beside Oslo Gardermoen.

Following routes are planned in the beginning as we start the services from 29/4/17:


Luleå Kallax (LLA): daily, connections for flights to Oslo and Barcelona (ABN 168, ABN2001)

Barcelona El Prat (BCN): daily, connections for flights from Oslo (ABN 167)

Trondheim Vaernes (TRD): 5x weekly


We are looking froward to this adventure and hope we can expand soon!

As well to our own connections, we can offer a huge network in Stockholm with our alliance- and interliningpartners.

The network in Barcelona is also quite impressive for both flights from Oslo and Stockholm.


Expaning in Oslo

Lots of the existing routes in Oslo have been expanded with more flights since we got more aircrafts.

New routes in the network are:


Billund (BLL): operated daily with the IL18D

Kirkenes (KKN): operated daily with the IL18D


Seeyou soon with new informations!


Luke, CEO Aurora Borealis Norway



Aurora Borealis Norway: More flights from Stockholm, long haul from Oslo


Hei fra Norge!


The expansion went on quite fast the last week so the big update is coming now.


We bought 5 additional IL-18D-aircrafts for our Hub Oslo and 2 IL-18D for our growing hub Stockholm Arlanda.


Following routes are totally new, beside that we expanded our services on nearly all domestic routes and on some international routes.


London Stansted (STN): daily service since the service to Heathrow is cancelled

Moscow Domodedovo (DME): 4x weekly

Malaga (AGP): 2x weekly

Liverpool (LPL): 2x weekly

Valencia (VLC): 2x weekly

Alicante (ALC): 2x weekly

Hamburg (HAM): daily

Porto (OPO): 2x weekly

Bordeaux (BOD): 3x weekly

Helsinki Vantaa (HEL): daily

Marseille (MRS): daily

Nice (NCE): 3x weekly


These are the changes for our hub in Stockholm Arlanda:


Umeå (UME): 2x daily

Kiruna (KRN): 4x weekly

Malmö Sturup (MMX): 2x daily

Luleå Kallax (LLA): increased to 3x daily

London Luton (LTN): daily

Marseille (MRS): daily

Skellefteå (SFT): 6x weekly


Due the massive opportunities for connection with our interlining- and alliance partners, we can offer great possibilities to travel with us through Stockholm or further connections via Oslo. Välkommen till Sverige.


The first long haul services with Aurora Borealis Norway

Since we offer a big amount of flights through Oslo together with our partners and the feeder-network seems big enough, we started our long haul service from Oslo!


We got 8 Ilyushin IL-62M, all new built in Kazan:


LN-AGS: Ilyushin IL-62M "Leif Eriksson"

LN-AGT: Ilyushin IL-62M "Kristian Birkeland"

LN-AIJ: Ilyushin IL-62M "Jo Nesbo"

LN-AIL: Ilyushin IL-62M "Edvard Grieg"

LN-AIM: Ilyushin IL-62M "Sonia Heine"

LN-AIN: Ilyushin IL-62M "Fridtjof Nansen"

LN-AIO: Ilyushin IL-62M "Thor Heyerdahl"

LN-AIZ: Ilyushin IL-62M "Trygve Lie"


Following destinations are served right now:


Philadelphia (PHL): 3x weekly

Mumbai (BOM): 3x weekly

Miami International (MIA): 4x weekly

Hong Kong International (HKG): 4x weekly

Delhi (DEL): 6x weekly

Washington (IAD): 3x weekly

Shanghai Pu Dong (PVG): 3x weekly

Chicago O'Hare (ORD): daily

New York JFK (JFK): daily

Charlotte (CLT): 3x weekly

Guangzhou (CAN): 3x weekly


Our expansions are planned to stay as high as they are at the moment, we are looking forward for more like this!


Vennlig hilsen,


Luke, CEO Aurora Borealis Norway