Aviation related Holiday


Since I have a monthly 1200 euro net income thanks to my job as car mechanic, I was planning on enjoying life in summer and doing a trip somewhere abroad that is not Vatican City (I live in Italy).

Do you guys know some particular area in Europe where I can have fun as aviation lover? I mean, a region of Europe with an high density of important airports to do some planespotting, aviation museums, maybe doing some trip on very old/strange/rare aircrafts (I was planning on doing the Westray-Papa Westaray route one day,or do some trip inside croatia that uses L410, this is what I mean).

Keep in mind that I speak fluent Italian, English and German a intermediate Spanish and very basic Romanian (I can introduce myself and ask for indications, I mean). So I’ve got virtually no language barrier.


I watch a lot of Youtube videos of air displays, including large scale models. Not sure why, but a large number of the videos seem to come from Germany. (I’m in Australia) Maybe Germany has more aviation events than other places.
But a quick Google found this: https://10times.com/top100/aviation

danke! Really appreciate this

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As my wife and I spend our winters in Thailand BFV (80km) is our local airport and Surin airport (66 km) has not had a fixed wing flight in over a decade, how about a holiday to Thailand.
Hopefully the corona vius will have died down. There is no viewing lounge at BKK but there are hotels which advertised as good for spotting. DMK has a nice viewing area which if memory serves me is on the 4th floor of the domestic terminal. There are signs pointing to it The RTAF museum is on the military side of DMK but its easy to get a taxi. Phuket has a beach on the approach which is used by spotters.
Obviously traffic especially Chinese carriers is well down at the moment. Flights from europe are very cheap at the moment. Just had a flier stating Finnair £358 return from the UK until November. Might be cheaper from europe. Domestic flights are dirt cheap from DMK.