To our precious share holders,

GLinX Group would like to use this opportunity to apologize for the take over by Malaysian Airline. Apparently, they do not have the right to operate an airline in Mexico. Thus, we have to form a new holding company to take Aviomexicana back and start to reorganize it.

Hopefully, every flights should be operated as usual within 3 days.

We, GLinX Group, stll open an opportunity to any companies who are interested in operating in Mexico. Please don't be hasitated to inform us.

We would like to apologize to our precious share holders again.


Mr Ryan

CEO of GLinX Group


Within 4 days, we could manage Aviomexican from tAS$226/share to AS$270/share. Besides,a new investor has taken over Aviomexican already. Thus, the transfer this time happened smoothly since the new one hold the right to fly in Mexico too. By the way, our group, by GLinX Indonesia, still keeps holding the 2nd largest shareholder,just in case, which means this assures that any changes in Aviomexicana being kept watching for the most benefits of all shareholders.

Good luck for the new era of Aviomexicana and its shareholders.


Mr Ryan

CEO of GLinX GroupĀ