B 787 Type Rating

Hi all! So if there is a type rating  "B777 / B767-400 / B787"  why is there another single "B787" ?? Is this a game bug?


Maybe this topic helps:


Thanks for the repply, but it's not about maintenance. I just want to understand why are there two diferent type ratings, since in one of them you're led to think that it suits B787 as well.



there was a thread in the german forums last year


in this thread

Ich glaube ich muss das klar stellen, denn hier ist noch ein Fehler (auch in unserer eigenen Bezeichnung):

Typerating 1:

B 767-400 und alle möglichen B 777 Typen

Typerating 2:

B 787

Auch wenn es in der übergreifenden Bezeichnung B777 / B767-400 / B787 heisst, so sind dies nur die 767-400 und 777 - die 787 hat ein eigenes Type-Rating

in AS there are two different type ratings:

B777 / B767-400 / B787 - for all types 777 and the 767-400, but NOT the 787

B787 - for the 787


In reality it´s different, the 787 and the 777 do have the same type rating.

See: http://fsims.faa.gov/wdocs/fsb/b-787_fsb.pdf

on page 6:


2.1 Type Rating. The Boeing 787 is designated B-787. In accordance with the provisions of FAA Order 8900.1 and AC 120-53A, the B-777 and B-787 are assigned a common pilot type rating.

... and 767-400 and 777 do NOT share a common type rating in reality:

See: http://fsims.faa.gov/wdocs/fsb/b-757_767%20fsbr7.pdf

on page 2:


Type Rating. IAW the provisions of FAR 1, 61, and 121, a common pilot “Type Rating” is assigned to all B757 and B767 Type Certificated aircraft, and is designated B-757 B-767.

Thanks a lot! I already knew the real world part, that's why I was getting confused. But it was really helpful!

so...since they have the same type rating, any plans to integrate them together in the game?!