Bahasa Jet is now looking for interlining partners

Bahasa Jet is happy to announce we are now looking for interlining partners in the following regions, matching the following criteria:

We are Indonesia’s largest carrier by far, having transported roughly 50% of all passengers for Indonesia last week. Moreover, we are one of the three leading enterprises within Eastern Asia, only to be matched by Chinese carriers.

Our fleet of 38 planes currently comprises of Boeing 737-600, -700, -800 and -900ER planes, only. These will be amended by Boeing 767-300ER in a matter of days.

[b]A) European Union:



  • MUST have an extensive short-haul and domestic flight network

  • SHOULD be something like top 10 or top 20 in Europe.

  • MUST be willing to make compromises

[b]B) Middle East:



  • SHOULD provide an extensive network for the Middle East and connecting flights to Europe

  • MUST be situated at an attractive location. Examples: DOH, DXB, AUH. BAH and KWI may be acceptable, if the airline’s size makes up for the lack in demand.

  • Please refrain from applying, if you’re owning a startup or do not possess what we like to call “critical mass”.


C) Australia:



  • SHOULD be a regional / domestic carrier sticking to destinations within Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, the Fijis and so on.

  • Multiple hub firms are welcome. Got a bunch of Q400 planes sitting all over the country? We’re happy to feed you!


What we can offer you:[/b]

A strong partner, providing you with lots of passengers you did not have in your “system” before. If you do have a VERY strong hub within the Middle East or Europe, we’ll be happy to cruise to it with economical planes at competitive prices multiple times a day!

You will be a country-exclusive partner. We hand-select interlining partners. So you will not see us teaming up with two airlines building hubs within the UK or the Emirates.

We expect to be your sole Indonesian partner, as well.


How to apply:[/b]

Please go to THIS PAGE, read our conditions and send us an ingame message accordingly.

We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

We are still on the hunt!

If you want beauties like this one to serve your hub, get in touch!

I we cooperate, we wont see any 737 at DME. A daily 767 should come to DME.

Russian Air Service is one of the top-europeans. The humilating number 1 at russia. If you grab a 767 and let her fly to DME, we can sign a exclusive IL.



CEO Russian Air Service

We have agreed on a preliminary agreement with Russian Air Service. Bahasa Jet will pick up international services to DME using a Boeing 767-400ER as soon as tomorrow!

Moreover, we have acquired a partner in Japan - the Chiba Cityliner / Hokkaido Koku Group will be our new domestic partner there.

Would you like to become a partner, as well? You know where to ask…