Bahasa Jet is phasing out its B727 Fleet

Bahasa Jet is proud to announce a new era in fleet strategy: Indonesia’s prime carrier will phase out its 727-200 Adv. / Adv. RE-W fleet one by one, starting with those planes not equipped with winglets.

Our current 727-200 fleet consists of six 727-200 Adv. and two 727-200 Adv. RE with winglets.

The first plane will leave our fleet on Sept. 11th, around 8am GMT.

Companies interested in buying these workhorses may apply now. Carriers from Indonesia will not be eligible to buy these planes.

The 727-200 is our current workhorse on trunk routes and offers an exceptional cost-per-seat-km value only to be matched by 737-900ER planes, which cannot compete in terms of speed.

The 727 will only leave our fleet due to heightened competition (though they’re still fully booked) and the necessity to introduce two more maintenance categories very soon. Therefore, we chose to rearrange our fleet, as long as slots are available plentiful.

I am interested in the 727’s, what are the costs per ac?

15 per cent of the original price, so 2,250,000 AS$ for the 727-200 Adv and 3,525,000 AS$ for the Adv RE with (and without) winglets.

A second 727 is scheduled to leave our fleet on Monday, around 10am GMT.

The third 727-200 Adv. will be phased out on Tuesday, 9.30am GMT.

The first plane is up for sale!