Ban Aircraft not approved

There should be a ban on aircraft that are not allowed in the countries. Example the Comac is not allowed to fly in EU and USA, same goes for other aircraft. To make ik more realistic game we should ban those aircraft in those countries.

Lots of Russian planes that are not used in EU/USA are flying in new worlds. I dont see Antonov or Tupolev 204 in the real world outside some far away russian parts. Even the Superjet is only flown in Russia these days, although this aircraft is approved by the EASA but not the FAA

If you did not realize, AS is a bit of reality in many aspects. The challenge of the game is not to be as realitic as possible but to play as successful as possible in the environment the game creates. Updates to the game are close to zero and your suggestion would require active monitoring. It would also mean, that the 737MAX was not allow to fly in the past months and would still be banned in China.
Compared to false traffic rights and outdated airport demand data I would rate this topic at the very low end.

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