Ban on flights between Russia and Ukraine

Already 4 years have passed since direct flights between Russia and Ukraine have been banned.
Passengers fly through Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Turkey and other European countries, or use land transport.
AS still does not have this prohibition.


I would strongly support this. You can argue that the ban is not temporarily or short-term anymore.

A similar case could be argued for flights between Qatar and numerous Arabian countries.


I fully support this idea

I think it will not be restored in the next 5 years. It’s my opinion.

I think it may be better to avoid political situations that is somehow “current”. If flight between Ukraine and Russia is banned, what would happen to Crimea? Would you permit the flight, and how would that be done? Even seemingly benevolent activities could in the end require taking a side, so it may be better to play ostrich and pretend everything is as the same as some random time in the early 2000s.


In retrospective, maybe we shouldn’t ban those QR flights… :wink:

I was gonna say… My comment aged like milk. :joy:

Hi everybody!

So, almost 6 months has passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine started.

What is Airlinesim waiting for? Is there any chance to finally ban flights between Ukraine and Russia, please? Thanks…

Answer is simple.


Still, if no ban is an official AS position (continue BAU), I would still love to see the reasoning behind, being this a real world airline simulator. I myself have no operations UA-RU but EU-RU could be next and this will affect hugely. I would like to see a serious debate about pros and cons regarding these issues that shapes our daily world in every possible angle.

I touched on the subject on another thread a while ago, but I’ll gladly re-iterate the key points:

  1. Since AS is (by design) a strategic/tactical simulation and not an operational one, changing the traffic rights over night would be something that would be very hard to deal with for the affected players. Therefore, we tend to avoid such short-term, high-impact changes in existing game worlds. Our stance on this might change with future versions of AS, when the sim is more capable in handling operational changes automatically. But that’s firmly in the future.
  2. One could argue that we could adjust the traffic rights in future game worlds at least. But that’s where my main argument from the other thread applies: It’s hard to chase such stuff. The situation could change at any time. With some countries relaxing sanctions and others tightening them all the time. So while I could imagine future game worlds to come with a flight ban between Russia and Ukraine, I don’t see us adding all the other sanctions anytime soon.

I agree with Martin: this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun.
We should not include political conflicts in the simulation. This is an airline simulation, not a political simulation. It amazes me how quickly some people in the real world obediently parrot what is being chewed out to them. Should that now also be carried into the simulation. No. Both warring factions are playing with marked cards. Taking sides is naĂŻve and stupid. So leave our Airlinesim-world as it is. Should it be a role model for peaceful, fair coexistence.

I am neither sure about your unfortunate wording (who exactly is the obedient parrot in your account?) nor the information you have about the game. Of course the game does include political conflicts already, you may be interested in checking here for a quick reference: Ellinikon | AirlineSim
I shall not comment on your assumption that taking sides is naive and stupid, everybody is entitled to their own opinions, however mistaken they may be.
If raising a question is qualified by yourself as taking sides or breaking peaceful coexistence, it only speaks to the mental setting you choose for yourself, it does not invalidate the question. To conserve the status quo is a certainly a position, but only one amongst many.
As for the coexistence you mentioned, I am the first to applaud just that, peaceful coexistence. My fleet is 230 Antonov’s and 130 Tupolev’s, so that is that, before you make any quick judgements.
My point is, we might be dealing with yet another tectonic shift in history (usually you don’t recognize these until years or decades have past), such as many others that have indeed shaped the world politics and hence travel restrictions in place as of today, including AS gameworlds. It’s been 8 years since the first sanctions over the illegal annexation of Crimea. Just saying.

You begin by saying that you will not comment on my assumption, and that is exactly what you do with your last two sentences. You should really study the history of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.

Sie beginnen damit, dass Sie meine Annahme nicht kommentieren werden und genau dass tun Sie mit Ihren beiden letzten Sätzen. Sie sollten sich mal mit der Geschichte Russlands, der der Ukraine und der Krim wirklich beschäftigen.

Why do you answer in German in an English thread?

It’s not difficult to use the browser’s translation tool.

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