Ban on flights between Russia and Ukraine

Already 4 years have passed since direct flights between Russia and Ukraine have been banned.
Passengers fly through Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Turkey and other European countries, or use land transport.
AS still does not have this prohibition.


I would strongly support this. You can argue that the ban is not temporarily or short-term anymore.

A similar case could be argued for flights between Qatar and numerous Arabian countries.


I fully support this idea

I think it will not be restored in the next 5 years. It’s my opinion.

I think it may be better to avoid political situations that is somehow “current”. If flight between Ukraine and Russia is banned, what would happen to Crimea? Would you permit the flight, and how would that be done? Even seemingly benevolent activities could in the end require taking a side, so it may be better to play ostrich and pretend everything is as the same as some random time in the early 2000s.

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In retrospective, maybe we shouldn’t ban those QR flights… :wink:

I was gonna say… My comment aged like milk. :joy: