basic ideas

Hi folks…

I’m really liking this game… but i’m not prepared to pay for a game that takes so long to load pages… i thought it may have been just my comp at first but then i watched the various tutorials out there to see its the game.

Some obvious reasons for this is the amount of data the pages need to load… So heres my suggestions…

  1. pagination… eg, viewing the aircraft for sale/lease… i mean who likes to look at a wall of text?

  2. reducing whats displayed, maybe with options to select sellers/leasing within range of your hub airport.

  3. maybe reducing anything remote loading to your servers as much as possible… i realize the maps cant be but if other information is remotely downloaded it might be an idea to try and change that.

Like i said… the ideas and conception are solid… but the execution is like 10years out of date… in today’s coding and tech… its just not needed anymore to load everything on one page.

Anyways… keep up the good work with the rest of the game and hopefully one day the game loads much more instantly like the other airline games.


I must say that the one place where pagination is used, Flight Number Management, I don’t like it much - you have the option of managing flight numbers in sorted groups anyway.

As far as the Manufacturers -> Aircraft model page goes, I would think that splitting the page up would help more than pagination. The Aircraft For Sale and Aircraft For Lease could be moved into separate pages - all I need to know on the first page is if there are any available for sale/lease or not before I order a new one. I can’t quite see the point of your suggestion 2) - if you buy/lease an aircraft, the transfer flight costs nothing.

One page that loads extremely slowly is the Offices page. Would pagination help much? I would be more interested in being able to select offices by region or by country, if it made the page load faster.

So in general, I would prefer to have more options to select the information that I want to look at, rather than pagination.

My 2c.

i agree with you… pagination was just the stepping board… but having an options list/link or pagination with some of the information separated… would definitely make things faster.

Really the slowness of the page loading is the only thing that is a major turn off.

Like i said… the game has some great innovative differences from others like it… but the developers forgot about design, speed of loading with just a few more lines of code could be solved.

After my trial period is up i’ll check back in a month or two to see if its been fixed before i put money into it.

Hopefully it has :)