Basic question



I am a somewhat confused beginner slowly filling out my mental model.

I have bought a plane and set up some flights.  Initially they werent valid but then I realised nothing was happening and now I've got all green ticks.

But this brings me to my next question, how long do I wait before I come back to see that my flights are indeed happening? i.e. what is the update frequency?

I tried looking around the wiki but if its there I missed it.  Thanks for your help.


1. never buy a plane but lease them (in the beginning).

2. after you have activated your flightplan, it will take up to 3 days that the first flight will depart from your hub.

3. demand update is every 24 hours on each airport. You can find the exact time slot for your hub and your destinations on the airport information page.


Great thanks! So my first beginner mistake (1) :)

But what is the gameworld speed of time?  How long does one week take in real world time?  Thats the bit thats confusing me really.

Thanks for your help.


1 hour in AS = 1 hour in real world. So the game time is real time.


Oh wow well that is very simple and easy to understand! Thanks 


Another hint: don't try to find answers in Wiki as it is very much outdated (and was always very basic).

Try this thread: old but still very much valuable)

and watch the tutorials on youtube (for example this one: and following)